Here's another look at Skyrim on Nintendo Switch


One more time

We’ve seen trailers and even off-screen footage for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch, but there’s still plenty we don’t know about this version. Bethesda hasn’t exactly been forthcoming.

Digital Foundry briefly went hands-on with Skyrim this week at gamescom, sharing both footage of the game in handheld mode and their thoughts about how the port is shaping up technically.

If you’re just generally on board with “portable Skyrim,” things are looking good. Otherwise, if you’ve had your fill of the game with prior versions, you’ll likely want to sit this one out.

“It’s the consistency in performance that’s really impressive, especially compared to the last-gen versions of the game,” notes Digital Foundry. “The wobbly frame-rates with hitching and stuttering during traversal and combat simply aren’t an issue on Switch: that 30 frames per second is as close to locked as you’re going to get. […] To what extent Bethesda is tapping into the full range of Special Edition features for the Switch version remains unclear, but certainly the consistency in performance is very much like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases we saw last year.”

And, for an off-screen look at Skyrim running in docked mode, GameXplain has us covered.

Aside from portability, which will be enough of a draw for some, this port will have Zelda-inspired gear earned from amiibo and optional motion controls for combat and lockpicking. I’m good, thanks.

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