Here's everything that happened at the first Sonic Central stream


A remaster and a new game tease

Well that was fast! Haha, get it?

Sega promised new announcements today during their Sonic Central stream, and that’s just what we got. The big news? A Sonic Colorsrevival and a tease for the first new Sonicgame in years, which will be coming in 2022.

Beyond that, Sega touted how it can throw its weight around and get Sonic into basically any game it wants, including a very brief “blink and you’ll miss it” Minecraftsplit-second clip. We’re also getting a free Sonic concert with some big names, more merch (of course), and another retro compilation.

Never underestimate Sonic’s ability to make everything that’s old new again. Here’s a full recap.

  • Sonic is getting a free concert via streaming on June 23 that will feature a symphony, Crush 40, and DJ/composer Tomoya Ohtani. More info will be coming during the Summer Game Fest event next month.

  • Tokyo 2020 will feature a Sonic costume for in-game avatars on June 22

  • Two Point Hospital will be doing a crossover with Sonic, with “staff outfits” and “Sonic décor” on July 30.
  • Lost Judgment will feature a playable Sonic Fightersarcade minigame on September 24

  • A Minecraftcollab for later this year was briefly teased
  • Sonic Dash will get a pirate-themed event, and Sonic Forcesmobile will add Super Sonic, as well as private races. In October the Werehog character will be added to both games, and Sonic Racingon Apple Arcade is adding retro content (character/zone/music)
  • More Sonic Merch is on the way, including Jakks Pacific toys, King Ice jewelry, Dark Horse encyclopedia, and Apmex silver and gold commemorative coins