Here's everything you could possibly want to know about Waluigi


Don’t stan this man

Out of all the gaming niches out there, this obsession with Waluigi boggles my mind the most. Why? Why this guy? Why is there such an obsession with this abrasive, impotent character created solely so Wario could have a doubles partner in Mario Tennis? Why…am I even bothering?

It’s the age of the internet. Of course a character like Waluigi is going to have a bunch of people stanning for him across the internet and of course, a character as utterly pointless as him will have a fanbase that harasses Smash Brosdirector Masahiro Sakurai for not making this elongated envier a playable character. He’s still an assist trophy and still appearing in new Mariogames like Mario Tennis Aces. That’s a more loving treatment than Nintendo has given to superior characters like Kyle Hydeor Stanley the Bugman.

Anyway, if this week of garbage didn’t give you your fill of the purple menace and his fanbase, Did You Know Gaming?has put together this video telling you everything you could ever want to know about Waluigi.