(Update) Final Fantasy VII Remake gets a PS4 save transfer tool, free DLC confirmed ahead of PS5 launch


The save transfer tool is live now

[Update: The remake item pack is now available on the PSN at this link right here, following the save transfer tool launch.]

Right amid the hustle and bustle of E3, Square Enix is about to deliver the PS5 edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake, with some extra Yuffie story DLC to boot. But before that all happens, you can partake in the new save transfer tool, which is live now.

As announced by the publisher, PS4 users can now download patch 1.02 and upload your PS4 save. The save transfer tool follows the same cumbersome method as a few other Sony platform games, as it will not “just work” as it does on Xbox Series X. Square Enix notes that you can “upload as many saves as you want, but you may only upload one at a time.” Sadly, settings won’t transfer, but trophies will.

This is your chance! Get ahead of any potential problems with the save transfer tool before you break open your shiny new PS5 copy and are greeted with crushing disappointment. Make time this weekend, clear your schedule: whatever it takes! Or you can just wait on the PS5 edition and see if the DLC is actually worth it before jumping into the pool with both feet. Your call! Either way, we’ll be providing impressions close to launch.

Oh, and another thing. Amid the save transfer tool, Square Enix also confirmed that on June 10, a “free DLC item pack” will launch for the game. It contains five accessories, as well as the Chocobo Chick, Cactuar, and Carbuncle summons. Note that these were previously exclusive items, now given out en masse for free. Even if you own the content on PS4, you’ll need to re-download it on PS5. Classic! It really makes you wish Sony had planned their own Smart Delivery program. I can’t really explain how crucial that’s been to my enjoyment of this generation. I don’t even need to think about it!