Here's how multiplayer works in Dr. Mario World


That upcoming mobile game

Nintendo is low key getting ready to unleash Dr. Mario Worldinto the mobile realm (and I say low key because no one I know is aware that it’s coming very soon), and they’re detailing how multiplayer works with the below video. Man the weird-ass voiceovers are great!

Unlike some of Nintendo’s other mobile games, this will allow real-time multiplayer versus play, as well as the chance to check and see how your friends are doing, statistics-wise. It’ll operate similar to other puzzle versus games, with you building an “attack meter” to shift viruses (“trash” in other games) to the other side. If your side fills up, you lose.

The video also gives us a look at how individual doctor characters work, with specific “skills.” Dr. Peach’s ability clears a random column for instance, and Dr. Toad clears five random objects.

Yes, we are seeing a massive lore expansion here folks, beyond the confines of just Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi.