Here's how to get a free Tomb Raider reward in Fortnite


Just redeem the code

Earlier this week, Fortnitewas running a special “Mystery in Croft Manor” playlist.

The gist is that you’d dive into Lara Croft’s crib (who made her Fortnitedebut this season)to investigate a mysterious set of artifacts, and end up doing a little puzzle action platformer test in the process. It was short and sweet, but now it’s out of the usual playlist rotation as of today.

And that’s fine! Because you can still redeem the reward: a Lara Croft spray item. After finishing the questline you’re granted access to a code. The code you get is not unique, so you can use now: even after the map is out of the main menu (I just tested it this morning!).

Just head to this page and redeem this code:Z4A33-NLKR2-V9X34-G3682.