Here's how to get the deadly Armor of Thorns in Dark Souls III


Also, an amusing look at the havoc that it unleashes

Dark Souls III has only been out for roughly a week, and people have already come up with all sorts of hilarious ways to game its player-versus-player element. One such strategy is to use the Armor of Thorns which does damage to other players by coming in contact with them by way of rolling or stepping. The original Dark Souls also had Armor of Thorns, and the sequel had a ring (albeit with a more traditional thorns mechanic), but some are taking it to a new level.

Although it doesn’t do a ton of damage on its own, people are using this in tandem with theCarthus Bloodring and the Carthus Milkring(extra rolling invincibility frames and obscured rolling respectively) and in groups to dominate people online. Just see the effects of the armor for yourself in the compilation below from Iron Pineapple.

To grab your own set of armor, make sure you haven’t defeated the Deacons of the Deep boss.Reach the area in the Cathedral where the giants are located, with the shallow pools of water. At that point, you’re going to wait around for Kirk to show up with a scripted NPC fight. Defeat him, then head to Rosaria’s Bed Chamber for the reward.