Here's how to get the Diablo III/Heroes of the Storm cross-items


Items for both games

Blizzard has explained the cross-promotion efforts for Diablo IIIand Heroes of the Storm, which can net you some nice little extras depending on how much you play. First off, anyone who owns Diablo III(has a license) will getDiablo in the next Heroespatch — not bad! Also, if you reach level 12 (which takes a day or two) in Heroes, you’ll net a pennant and potrait frame for Diablo III.

Finally, if you reach level 70 with a Seasonal Hero in Season 4 of Diablo III, you’ll get the Malthael’s Phantom mount. I don’t think I’m willing to max out another character inDiablo IIIright now, but I’m still playing Heroeson a regular basis.

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