Here's how to transfer FFXIV settings and hotbars from PS4 to PS5


Transfer made easy

In the past few months, I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking how to transfer¬†Final Fantasy XIV characters from PS4 to PS5 (or PC to PS5). It’s become a frequent enough question to warrant a quick tutorial post!

It’s actually pretty easy. So first off, go to your “main” (old) platform of choice where all of your settings are. Log in and take a look at the character you want to emulate.¬†See that little gear icon? Just hover over that and click it to start the transfer. Select “upload settings.” Wait for the prompt and you’re done on this end.

Then go to the new platform (probably PS5). Do the exact same thing, but press “download.” You’re good!

Again it’s very simple, but the transfer is extremely painless and it’s fairly comprehensive. Virtually all of your settings will transfer, including all of your hotbar placements and more importantly: the hotbar shortcuts you need to actually get to them.

It’s one thing to recall how your hotbar works on another platform from the ground up, but it’s another thing entirely to actually memorize all of the settings you need to call them up quickly.

As a reminder, the PS5 edition is available now as a “free upgrade” for prior owners.