Here's our first look at the XIII remake



Publisher Microids has the first look at its upcoming remake of cult classic shooter XIII and um…they’re kind of basic? Let me be clear, I don’t dislike what I’m looking at. It’s interesting that this kind of drops the cel-shading style for something more like a comic book. XIII was based on a graphic novel, after all, so it’s actually more fitting to have the darker colors and textured look. It just would have been nice to see some action in these screens.

Regardless of the basic shots, the visual update does seem to be progressing nicely. I still think the original looks great (especially on PC), but it would have been pointless to just upscale the game and call it a day. Trying to more faithfully adapt the graphic novel is a good move that will help differentiate this from Ubisoft’s take on the source material.

With XIII now eyeing a 2020 release, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more before launch. I just hope next time, we get soemthing a little more exciting to glance at.

Microids [Facebook]