Here's some new Dragon Quest Heroes II footage and screenshots


Looks like it’s goo-ing to be a goo-d one

Dragon Quest Heroes was pretty great. Even if it was my first Dragon Quest game, and one of my first Warriors games, I still had a grand ol’ time busting hordes of monsters and have been interested in seeing more of the upcoming sequel.

Square Enix has posted an hour and a half-long Japanese VOD showing off Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End. There’s a lot of fluff, so you’ll want to skip to about 24 minutes in to get to the gameplay, but what’s on show looks really neat.

While there are of course new characters, missions, weapons, and enemies, one of the more notable changes to me is in the mission structure. Dragon Quest Heroes frequently had smaller maps and shorter missions compared to Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, and it seems like the sequel is looking to follow in their footsteps a bit more by stretching things out a bit.

Combined with the already confirmed presence of four-player co-op, it looks like the major complaints in Chris’ review of the first game are being rectified.

There’s also a new batch of screenshots that you can find below (thanks, DualShockers), showing off some of the new environments and shops that’ll be available. Also, it has that hunky bull-helmet guy, so that’s me entirely sold.

So far things are shaping up pretty nicely for DQH II. It doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, which means a Western release is probably even further away, but I’ll just sit here slowly vibrating with excitement until then.

PS4/PS3/PS Vita Exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes II Gets New Screenshots Showing Environments [DualShockers]