Here's some of the cool combat stuff you can do in Prey


It’s more than just gunplay

On a space station overrun with aliens, the easy solution is to constantly use guns until the alien problem is no longer a problem. Just blast away until everything stops moving. Our video game training should have us well-prepared for this.

But, Preytakes a more creative approach. Outlined in this video are a bunch of the powers that are designed to confuse and distract the enemies. A few good ones are: Making two turrets flame-fight each other, sending an alien to attack a decoy and then blowing the proxy up, and throwing a grenade that turns everything into jellybeans. (Okay, they’re actually “craftable resources” but they look like jellybeans.)

A lot of what we’ve seen of Preyseems to be rooted in subverting typical combat situations. Earlier looks had the protagonist turning into mundane objects to hide from aliens. This trailer is considerably more power fantasy but is still restrained enough to keep from resorting to just shooting everything in sight. Our hope is that the final product encourages a varied approach just as much as this video does. It undoubtedly seems like the best way to play.