Here's the Fallout 4 menu screen, both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled versions


I can’t believe we’re really doing this

Fallout 4, video game as it is, will have a menu screen. Enthralling stuff. We have an image of what that looks like. But, some people hate spoilers, and they’re probably mad that I even confirmed there’s a menu screen. Damn, I better protect my neck.

Channel your inner 2007 and HIT THE JUMP for a spoiler-free version of that menu screen:

Okay, not a lot we can glean from that. But, the sanctity of the menu screen is preserved. That’s good. Probably better than the blasphemous un-redacted menu screen I’m about to show you. There’s no second jump to hit, because the Internet never invented that. Ready yourselves. Here it comes.

There it is. Wow. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Uh oh. If you have a death threat for me, tweet it to me at @DtoidKyle.

A streamer has leaked the Fallout 4 menu screen! [reddit]