Here's what Dauntless looks like running on Nintendo Switch


Coming later this year

Dauntless‘ full launch was on May 21, but come later this year, it’ll add the Switch to its list of platforms.

While the date is nebulous the gameplay of the port is anything but, as developer Phoenix Labs attended E3 to show off the Switch port during a Treehouse Live segment. There’s nearly 20 minutes of gameplay you can watch below, which details how well the game runs on Switch and how it’ll look compared to other versions. TheWinterhorn Skraev was also shown off on the stream.

Dauntless is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Developer Phoenix Labs’ vision is full cross-play: and through the help of Epic Games as its publisher, it got Sony to relent on their stodgy cross-play policy. Yep, Dauntlessis one of the few games that allows full cross-play between Xbox and PS4.

The studio confirmed on stream: you can “start your journey on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, then when the game comes out on Switch you can bring your progress to that version as well.”