Here's what the Monster Hunter Rise amiibo actually look like


Annoyingly, it seems like GameStop is taking in-store only orders in the US at the moment

Last week, Capcom revealed Monster Hunter Riseand three new amiibo: which were curiously shown off via artist renderings. Thanks to some detective work from Twitter user Gajinhunter, we now know what they actually look like, and the reality is quite different.

As a reminder, these three amiibo (as standalones) are exclusive to GameStop in the US, and have varying degrees of exclusivity elsewhere in the world. Anyone can grab the middleMagnamalo if you can snag a collector’s edition of Monster Hunter Rise; but the other two need to be purchased individually.

Right now there is no online listing for these amiibo on GameStop’s site. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to pre-order them in-person at this time: so eBay might be the only option for a lot of people. Good luck!

If you’re not keeping track, there are currently seven unreleased amiibo as of today: Joker, Hero, Cat Mario, Cat Peach and the trio above. Joker and Hero are out in some regions now, but are officially being released on October 2 in the US. Here’s a full list of every known amiibo to date!

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