Here's when GameStop is planning on getting shipments for amiibo Wave 3


Free up your schedule if you didn’t pre-order

There’s an internal memo going around from GameStop that highlights estimated arrival dates for the upcoming amiibo Wave 3. I have confirmed this memo with an internal source at the retailer.

This is the gist.

Bowser will arrive on February 6 for some reason as an early release. Then on February 13, Sheik, Shulk, Toon Link, Ike, King Dedede will drop. After that on February 20, you’ll be able to scoop up Mega Man and Sonic.

The exact dates for Rosalina (Target), Lucario (Toys”R”Us), and Meta Knight (Best Buy) are unknown, but the former is rumored for a February 1 release.

Updated ETAs for each character:

  • Bowser — ETA 2/6
  • Sheik — ETA 2/13
  • Shulk — ETA 2/13
  • Toon Link — ETA 2/13
  • Ike — ETA 2/13
  • King Dedede — ETA 2/13
  • Mega Man — ETA 2/20
  • Sonic — ETA 2/20