Here's when the new Vex-themed Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid is launching this weekend



Destiny 2: Shadowkeep‘s first raid is set to arrive and kick off Year 3 today, and much like many other content drops, it’s scheduled for a 1PM ET launch on October 5: right at reset.

The raid itself is called the “Garden of Salvation,” and will center around the vex again (the Vex love starting up expansions!) in the Black Garden, a deeply story-rooted locale from the original game. Although Shadowkeep‘s story mostly deals with the hive faction on the moon, the narrative is building up to this showdown and beyond.

So what power level are you expected to hit before the raid arrives? Well, if it’s anything like past raids 900 should get your foot in the door, with the final encounter clocking in at a suggested power level of 950. You can get 900 fairly easily after completing the main story, but you’ll want to approach 950 as closely as possible.

This is a fairly unusual launch as raids don’t typically start on weekends: so buckle up and prepare for a 10 plus hour “world first” race. You can watch that here!