Heroes of the Storm's 360 day XP boost is $60


A 50% discount

Heroes of the Storm‘s Black Friday sale is upon us today, which provides a 50% discount on everything in the game. But I couldn’t find info on the supposed “deeply discounted” 360 day Stimpak (read: XP boost) so I decided to log in for myself and check — it’s $60.

So what is the boost good for? Well, it ups your general rate of leveling for your account, and your leveling process for each character. I wouldn’t worry about the former, as you only need a few weeks of casual play to max it out, but for the latter, it can be supremely useful.

Leveling up each character will net you gold at certain milestones, and up to two new color skins (as well as two other mount skins) can be unlocked. Additionally, at level 10 you can purchase a Master Skin for gold. If you play constantly, it’s probably going to be worth picking up.

For everyone else, I don’t think $60 is quite “deep” enough of a discount to warrant pulling the trigger.