Heroes of the Storm's Chromie looks like a beast


New Ranked Play system incoming

Here’s that news again, but all official like. The next Heroes of the Storm characters are Chromie, a ranged assassin with “some of the highest kill-potential in the game,” and Medivh, a hero-disabling and portal-opening ranged specialist. They’ll be available the week of May 17 and June 14, respectively.

Chromie is able to rain death from above and place stasis traps, while Medivh can turn into a raven to scout the map and temporarily protect allies from incoming damage. Follow those links for an early look at how the pair is shaping up, ability- and talent-wise. They seem pretty damn powerful.

Also during the week of June 14, Blizzard will roll out its retooled Ranked Play system. Players will rise the ranks of league tiers (from Bronze and Silver up to Diamond and beyond) with numbered divisions (from five up to one) denoting how well they are performing in their current tier.

Hero League and Team League seasons should last about “a couple of months” and there will be rewards like gold and an elemental wolf mount determined by the highest rank you attain.

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