Heroes of the Storm's new dynamic bundles won't screw you out of money



While I adore Heroes of the Stormas a MOBA, it still needs a lot of work behind the scenes and on the backend. One such issue is the storefront, which, among other issues, charges users full price for bundles when they may already own some, or most of it already.

Blizzard is addressing this issue in the next major patch with dynamic bundles, which grant you real money discounts based off of what you own. In addition, people who already bought bundles that were doubled-up will get a gold refund in-game retroactively. Nice!

New bundles are on the way in said update, as well as a one week grace period for the Nexus Bundle, for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet. There are a few limitations (like restrictions on bundles with two items), but it’s good news all around.

Coming Soon: Dynamic Bundles [Blizzard]