Hitman III is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X in early 2021


January of next year

YES! Hitman III is coming, and we can finally start a new adventure instead of living vicariously through the shadow of Hitman II. IO Interactive calls this the “end of the World Assassination trilogy,” and gave us a glimpse of the Dubai stage, which will provide all sorts of Hitmanantics, I’m sure.

As confirmed on the official PlayStation Blog, progress from Hitman IIwill carry over in some fashion: likely a form of playing old missions within the Hitman IIIshell. More news will be arriving “in the coming months,” and the game will have a “much darker tone” compared to recent iterations. Atmosphere is a huge selling point for the IO Interactive team, which promises a “very real sense of closure.”

Hitman IIIis due in January 2021, and it will not be leaving the “previous” generation behind. It’ll launch on both PS4/PS5, as well as Xbox One/Series X and PC! So pretty much everything but Switch.