Ho-oh is now flapping around Pokemon Go raids


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Thanks to the diligence of trainer’s around the world during Niantic’s global catch challenge, legendary Pokemon Ho-oh will now be appearing in raids for the mobile catch-a-thon. He won’t be limited to any regions, so you should start seeing him appear in gyms near you. You’ll have until December 12 to catch him!

Thanks to all your hard work last week, Ho-Oh will appear in Raid Battles until 12/12! #PokemonGOtravel #GlobalCatchChallenge https://t.co/YfyBGwfTux pic.twitter.com/mdGoFByyQl

— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) November 27, 2017

While I like the idea behind raids, since I live in a suburb I never get to experience them. The only time I ever had success was while I was down in Texas for RTX. In a city like Austin, there are more than enough people randomly playing for a raid to go well. I would like for Niantic to tweak how lesser populated areas deal with raid exclusive beasts, but I doubt that is going to happen.

Ho-Oh Appearing in Raid Battles around the World! [Pokemon Go]