Hollow Knight is finally getting the physical edition it deserves



Hollow Knightis a masterpiece. This isn’t really a new or interesting opinion. People have been shouting it from the rooftops ever since it released two years ago.

Soon, Hollow Knightwill have space on shelves at home. Developer Team Cherry is finally set to release a physical edition of Hollow Knightthanks to some help from Fangamer. There’s a standard edition that runs $29 on PC and PS4, and $34 on Switch. It comes with the game, a manual, and a map of Hallownest.

However, for anyone trying to find all the collectibles, there’s a collector’s edition that comes with some gems. Besides the stuff from the standard edition, the collector’s edition also gets: a gold foil collector’s box, a knight brooch and stand, a 14-page Quirrel comic book, a gold foil art print set, a papercraft set, and a bonus cleaning cloth for Switch purchases. The collector’s edition is $64 on PC and PS4, and $69 on Switch.

These physical copies of Hollow Knightwon’t be out imminently. They’re expected to ship on May 31, meaning people won’t have them until the beginning of June at the earliest. But we’ve waited this long, what’s a few more months? At least we know it’s really happening after a setback last year threatened to keep Hollow Knightforever digital.

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