Hollow Knight only needed two weeks to sell 250K copies on Nintendo Switch


Well earned

Nintendo Switch owners have been craving a good metroidvania, and while there was a bit of a wait involved, Hollow Knight has answered their call. Unsurprisingly, it’s a huge hit with Switch players.

Nintendo’sReggie Fils-Aimé recently told Waypoint that Hollow Knight is doing “exceptionally well.” Now, Adelaide-based developer Team Cherry has backed up that claim with sales figures. The studio told IGN that Hollow Knight cleared 250,000 sales on Switch in its first two weeks of release.

I’m very glad to be one of those sales. The game’s amazing. While Team Cherry will no doubt keep itself busy with Hollow Knight for a while yet to come, I have to wonder what else might be in store. Imagine if Nintendo were willing to lend out a certain bounty-hunting someone to the fledgling studio.

Hollow Knight Sold over 250,000 Copies on Switch in Its First Two Weeks [IGN]