Hori is making a proper d-pad for the Switch Joy-Con



If you’re like me and play the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode far more than you do in docked — that face button style of d-pad isn’t exactly great for 2D platforming and fighting games. Honestly, when the Switch was first showcased, I was kind of shocked how bad of a d-pad it was and that it came from Nintendo of all places.

Well, thankfully, we may have a solution thanks to Hori, who have announced they’re releasing a left Joy-Con with a redesigned d-pad that looks far more comfortable and is currently planned to release in Japan for 2,678 yen ($25.36). Sadly, there hasn’t been any word yet on an international release, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Finally, The Switch’s Joy-Con Is Getting A D-Pad [Kotaku]