Hot Wheels Infinite Loop speeds onto mobile


Nostalgia blast

We’re in the era of endless nostalgia mining, so it was only a matter of time before Hot Wheels got its due. Already DLC in Rocket League and Forza, Mattel Inc. has done full-in on creating its own game to showcase the little tin cars. Dubbed Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, this free-to-play mobile title is now available on iOS for all of us 90s kids to relive our childhoods with.

Featuring “legendary” Hot Wheels cars like the Bone Shaker, Twin Mill, and Rodger Dodger, Infinite Loop will task players with amassing a collection of vehicles and racing against people online for dominance. You’ll verse up to eight players in real-time races for a shot at the gold and some more cars. Now we just need a schoolyard as one of the tracks and the illusion will be complete.