How long were you stuck on this Zelda: Breath of the Wild puzzle?


Everyone remembers coming across this one

Zelda: Breath of the Wild puzzles can be a powerful shared experience. We all have that one shrine that we hate, and new players don’t know how good they have it with written and video walkthroughs for every single one of them. Back at launch we had to write those guides and figure it all out for ourselves! Well, over on Reddit, StarJediOMG shared their experiences of “just getting the game yesterday” and coming across this beast of a Breath of the Wild puzzle.

Myahm Agana, Katosa Aug, Ze Kasho: those names can invoke fear in some player’s hearts. But in the case of this intrepid new player, the Breath of the Wild puzzle was no match for randomness. Like many videos the situation is so relatable, as they quit out of the control board/apparatus seemingly out of frustration or confusion — then go back to it only to find the ball is flipped into position anyway. In the end it took them “10 minutes,” which is pretty short in the grand scheme of things compared to others!

I witnessed this phenomenon happen multiple times in person with people who were playing Breath of the Wild for the first time. They went through several emotions until they either cooled off and did it the “right” way, or just flailed about until the solution came to them. Either strategy for Breath of the Wild puzzle shrines as a whole is acceptable.

I was lucky, as I played nearly all of these for the first time with a Pro Controller, early at launch. It cemented my decision to buy one! Other people were flipping their actual Switches around, trying to desperately see the screen while figuring out the actual motion puzzle. Hopefully Breath of the Wild 2 figures out a more clever implementation of motion!