Huge PSN flash sale includes tons of anime games and Disney Afternoon Collection


More anime fighters than you can possibly play

Another week, another PSN flash sale. This one is pretty big, showcasing all sorts of anime-flavored games like action romps, RPGs, and fighters.

As sprinkled in are decidedly non-anime joints like Dragon’s Lair Trilogy, Disney Afternoon Collection, and Child of Light. As always most of the goods are relegated to PS4, but there’s also some PS3 and Vita stuff in there too.

It’s days like this that I wish the Vita took off and that Sony embraced backward compatibility. It would be nice to just grab a bunch of this stuff knowing that I’d get it via cross-buy on the go, or that I’d get to play random PS3 games on PS4. Either way you can’t argue with some of these sales or the quality of the library of both systems.

Flash Sale [PSN]