Humble Indie Bundle 21 marks ten years of name-your-price deals


Want to feel old?

Ten years ago, we covered the very first Humble Indie Bundle – a unique concept at the time that snowballed into something truly long-lasting. Think of how different the landscape felt. Think back on what kinds of indie games were blowing up back then (World of Goo!) and what it was like to find them.

So much has changed for independent games, developers, and gaming deals over the past decade, but Humble is still doing its thing in 2020. It’s wild to pause for a moment to reflect. How many games in my library came from bundles? Hundreds upon hundreds, I’m sure, but I don’t even wanna know.

This week, it’s the Humble Indie Bundle 21, a small curated collection of name-your-price indies.

The $1-or-more tier:

  • Hotline Miami
  • Beat Cop
  • Dustforce DX

The beat-the-average-price tier:

  • Moonlighter
  • Gato Roboto
  • More games that’ll be revealed in a week.

The $15-or-more tier:

  • Hypnospace Outlaw
  • Starbound

The list is surprisingly sparse, isn’t it? I expected more fanfare.

Other than Hypnospace Outlaw – a ridiculous game about hunting down scumbags in a 1990s surfing-the-web simulator – nothing jumps out at me. A dollar is a dollar, and I can’t argue with that, but most of these games have had countless heavy discounts before. They’re not exactly fresh picks in 2020.

I’m so curious to see which games are added to the lineup next week. If you’re on the fence, make sure to check back by Tuesday, May 26. The Humble Indie Bundle 21 will be around until 11:00 a.m. PT.

[Image credit: ScrambledEggsOnToast]