Hyrule Warriors confirmed to not have online co-op


Finally, a concrete answer

With all of the good news rolling in on Hyrule Warriors, this new information comes with a fair bit of disappointment — there will not be online co-op for the game’s campaign. Confirmed on the official Japanese Twitter account, local play will be the only option available for the full story mode, albeit with a split GamePad/TV situation to accommodate more screen real estate. Someform of online play is confirmed, but we don’t know what it is yet — it sounds like a minigame.

This is a pretty big disappointment, since recent Dynasty Warrior games — heck, even the portable versions — have online story mode play. Nintendo has always been kind of behind in that department in terms of their consoles, but the Wii U has stepped things up considerably. Just…not in this case.

Zelda Musou [Twitter via Nintendo Everything]