Hyrule Warriors Legends will also support amiibo on 3DS


More daily items

Hyrule Wariors Legends is nearly out in Japan, and as a result, more concrete info is coming out of the woodwork. Due to pre-loading, fans have learned that the file size is 16,101 blocks (2GB). Additionally, there’s only one save file, and you can trade rental fairy skills with other players locally.

As for amiibo support, it’s also confirmed! Any figure from the Zeldaline will unlock a rare weapon once a day, and every other amiibo will unlock materials or rupees also once a day. Curiously, the Link figure does not unlock the Spinner weapon, as it’s available right away. Story mode multiplayer isn’t in, but it seems as if special battles are, local and online.

Hyrule Warriors Legends [Koei Tecmo via Perfectly Nintendo]