I forgot to mention Tameem's f***hat in that Hellblade video


Please forgive me

When I typed up that post about Hellblade‘s newest developer video, something jumped out at me: director Tameem Antoniades’ hat. I made a mental note to mention it, but then ended up focusing on the motion capture. I’ve made a grave mistake, and I’ll hope you’ll allow me to make amends.

As Antoniades calmly explains the importance of animation, he’s wearing a black hat with the word “FUCK” triumphantly scribed in Ye Olde English font. Through the art of the journalistic process (Google), I found that you, too, can be ‘lil Tameem for the priceof one hundred and ninety-five goddamn dollars. And that’s 35% off, so get it while you can!

Why the hell would you pay more than twenty dollars for a hat. Why.