I got a cute ass shiba plush: Is this Candy Crush?


It makes sense to me

Candy Crush is like, bad, right? I mean, I’ll still suggest to my mother that she should read a book instead of wasting time on that crap (talk about some role reversal), but it’s difficult to dislike the game with any intensity. It would just make you the obnoxious one. Maybe when developer King was doing its bullshit trademark of the word “Candy” and trying to dick over the Banner Saga team you had a case, but now it’s a ubiquitous ill that’s trite to harp on.

That said, I have also never played Candy Crush. I don’t play any games on my phone. The aesthetic is garish. And it’s renowned for shitty mobile game practices meant to get your money. An easy pass.

But I did stop on the Tokyo Game Show show floor to play Ganbarel’s もふカワ爽快パズル ポップイ (the only English words on the promo card I got are “new” and “RPG”) after getting drawn over to its booth by the adorable, boxy shiba in the promotion art. And I think this is Candy Crush, right? You draw lines over the same candy (in this case, adjacent characters) and they clear and you defeat octopus bosses and what not? And there are loads of these games, yeah? Is that what Pokemon Shuffle is? Why’d the ugly ass candy one get so damn hot?

The boxy, foxy shiba game is on iOS and Android. While you’re at it, download the cute cat-collecting Neko Atsume. It popped up on my Play Store app because Google knows I am in Japan right now. And while that’s spooky, it’s better than when, say, Google Maps becomes convinced I am in the Sherlock Holmes museum in London — without moving for days — when I am actually in Paris, which happened last year. Spy better, mother fucklers!