I hope Greedo shows up in Star Wars Battlefront


That goes double for Nien Nunb

Concept art for an upcoming Star Wars Battlefront DLC pack, Outer Rim, has spurred speculation about a pair of potential Hero/Villain characters, and they seem entirely plausible to me.

The first is Greedo, the green-skinned bounty hunter Han Solo shot in A New Hope, and the other is Nien Nunb, the big-eyed alien co-pilot you would probably best remember from Return of the Jedi. You may not know that name, but you’ll surely recognize his adorable little mug.

For what it’s worth, Battlefront already has their respective races (Rodian and Sullustan) represented as generic characters, but that’s only if you’ve unlocked them. I’m not even close.

Here’s a better look at that artwork. Enhance!

[Via Game Informer]