I made my own gaming magazine and I need feedback!


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[Longtime lurker Caz needs your help designing his own gaming mag. Cool! -Mr Andy Dixon]

Hi Destructoid! I’ve been a lurker here for a long time, and like a passive aggressive partner, I’m only talking to you now when I need something, being the selfish thing that I am.

So yeah, I’m Caz, and I’m studying graphic design at the University of the Arts London, which is great fun, and a lot of hard work. Recently, we had a project at Uni that tasked us with two weeks to make a zine, which are small, self published magazines. I’ve loved videogames ever since I could hold a controller, and when we were told to make a zine about something we felt passionate about, it seemed natural to do one on my love for games.

Zine Title

A Profound Waste of Time is a series of illustrations and articles about games I love, all done by me (save for a few sprites which are simply edits). A big part of this project is getting feedback from our target audience, and so I thought you guys may be up for giving me some. Destructoid has long been one of my favorite gaming sites, so it seems only right to post this here first.

I’ve uploaded the full thing here for you to read. Please tell me any of your thoughts, whether they’re about the way it looks in general, or anything else that comes to mind. Be as honest as you want to be; anything is helpful at this stage. I’m sure they’re are plenty of typos, so noticing those is helpful too!

Anyway, thanks for your help, I’m glad this project finally motivated me to come out of my shell and get involved a little bit! Let me know what you think.