If I didn't know better, I'd think these custom amiibo were Nintendo authentic


There’s some talent in this community

I think it’s fair to say that amiibo are quite a tour de force in certain communities. In fact, some might even point a finger at this very website and accuse us of being mildly caught up in the craze. But, a talented few are going far above and beyond, and using the figurines as a platform to create something legitimately cool.

Reddit user heyrich put together a collection of some of the best custom amiibo, complete with unique graphics to give them an authentic “new, in-box” look. Just take a gander at the likes of Cranky Kong or Ganondorf in his Wind Wakerstyle. Oh! There’s the whole Sonic Boomcast looking better than ever (not a tall order, honestly).

Of course, this wasn’t necessarily all done for the love of the game, so to speak. All of these custom amiibo are available on eBay, and they’re going for a pretty penny. For instance, the lot of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy is going for a cool $300. Make sure to hold onto some Mega Stones if you want to up-size your wallet to pick up Charizard’s evolutions.

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