If you could add one character to Hyrule Warriors Switch, who would it be?


A Minish would be fun

WhenHyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition hits the Switch, I’ll be going back through its giant adventure mode map all over again. But now we get to do it with all the DLC intact, as well as a handful of new costumes. If you missed all the DLC or perhaps even Hyrule Warriorsproper somehow, this new Switch-centric trailer should catch you up with most of the heavy hitters.

Watching a few of my favorites all over again got me thinking though — if this edition did have more DLC at some point, who would make the best addition?It didn’t take me long to realize that a made-up Minish would be pretty amazing, not just for their small gimmicky stature, but their nature-based magic and potential cap or sorcery abilities, channeling the former Minish Ezlo and Vaati respectively.

There’s a lotto choose from though (another idea I had is a monochrome Link from Awakeningthat can summon the Wind FishMusou), so be sure and share your picks!