If your PC's not powerful enough for Overwatch, this guy's got you covered


That or you could play on console, I guess

Since it launched a couple of weeks ago, the entire internet has been unable to talk about anything but Overwatch for more than thirty seconds. We try, honestly we do, but then it all just bursts forth like a geyser.

Unfortunately, that must really suck for people who don’t have a console or a PC capable of running it (despite it being optimised incredibly well). There may be hope for those people, though, as YouTuber LowSpecGamer can show you how to tweak the game enough to run on PCs below the minimum requirements.

The video covers both in-game options and configuration files that can be edited to make the game look as bad as physically possible. It may look like arse, but he managed to get the game running at an acceptable frame rate on a frankly shambolic system with an Intel graphics card!

Join us. Become one of us. Accept Overwatch as your lord and master. Come play with us. Forever and ever and ever.