If you're new to H1Z1 and these guys show up, you're joining a fight club


I think I just broke one of the rules…

Like the Penis Brothers of yesteryear, some people in zombie survival games are less concerned with the undead, and more intent on messing with fellow humans. You know what they say: man is the real monster.

This group inH1Z1has a new-found affinity for finding fresh players without gear (“bambis”) and pitting them against one another Fight Club-style. They realize the potential in this around the 3:20 mark, and “The First Annual H1Z1 Fight Club” takes place at about 5:00 (after everyone annoying shouts into their mic in unison).

What follows is an awkward fist-filled two-step to the tune of “Down with the Sickness” while they get egged on at gunpoint. Congrats, PlsDontShootPlsPls; I like to think you’re just the first of many fight club champions in H1Z1.