Ikaruga may be getting physical editions for PS4 and Switch


Radiant packaging

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— Nicalis, Inc. (@nicalis) June 14, 2019

Ikaruga is one of the all-time classics of the shmup genre, but there hasn’t been a physical edition for any modern console. Despite now being on PC, PS4, and Switch, the only way to own a disc is to go back to the Dreamcast or GameCube, which isn’t exactly convenient for playing. That seems set to change, at least according to a Tweet from Nicalis.

Publisher of the Switch port, Nicalis is teasing a physical version of Ikaruga for both PS4 and Switch (a previous tease was only for Nintendo’s device). Asking people to sign-up for its newsletter, it seems there is going to be some kind of announcement of either a standard retail version or collector’s edition package. While I don’t mind having the game digitally, it would be great for preserving history to have the game on a disc. It’d also be cool to have that wonderful box art on my shelf.

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