In March, Lu Bu will ride for Total War: Three Kingdoms


Still waiting for the Total War: Lu Bu expansion

Total War: Three Kingdoms will unleash Lu Bu on March 6, 2019. Pre-orders are now available for the game and anyone that does so will receive the “Yellow Turban Rebellion” scenario pack (this will also be available as extra DLC on release). If you aren’t keen to get a digital copy, Sega has also unveiled that two different collector’s editions will be available for purchase.

The limited edition will be housed in a special case made from calligraphy paper and come with a double-sided map and a Warlord poster. The collector’s edition contains all of that, but also has a chest with an artbook and a 24 cm resin statue of Guan Yu. The CE, which goes for $159.99, will reportedly be an exclusive single production run, so they are likely to sell out fast.

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