In this episode of Pregame Discharge: Death Stranding has over an hour of gameplay and folks are still confused!


Go with the flow

While Lyle continues to look for investors for Bankrupt Hell-Heart LLC, here’s what’s been going down in video games this past week:

  • Death Stranding got over an hour of gameplay at TGS!
  • Castlevania is getting a mobile game!
  • System Shock 3 showed off some dope pre-alpha gameplay and more!

I know some folks are getting tired of the whole “what the hell is this?” style of response to Death Stranding lately, but personally, I find it hilarious we’re this close to launch and most folks are still pretty baffled by this game. Regardless of how it all pans out in the end, I’ll never forget all the craziness up until launch for Death Stranding.

Discharged question of the week: have there been any games you remember the insane hype for? Personally, I’ll never forget those incredible Halo 3 commercials.