In today's episode of Pregame, Google Stadia sounds like a drink you mix to help you poop


I hope it comes in a yogurt option

While Lyle and I continue to wrap our heads around the logistics of Egypt 2, here’s what’s been happening in video games:

  • Google announced its new streaming platform Stadia!
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is adding another Goku!
  • No Man’s Sky is getting another free expansion and more!

I’m not entirely sure yet how to feel about Stadia. My hopes and dreams are that this is basically the equivalent of Netflix for video games with an expansive library with the option to either stream or download and install them on my PC.

Throw that in with the potential for dedicated data centers for multiplayer and other ideas Google was tossing around and it could make for a nice alternative at least. Do I think it’ll make current and future consoles obsolete, though? Not in a million years given how restrictive ISPs are all over the world at the moment with data caps.

I think it’ll all boil down to pricing and flexibility with the service. Fighting and racing games won’t be ideal on a streaming platform, but even with slight input latency, a variety of other games could still be perfectly playable. If they offer up the option to download and install games on PC through a client of some kind, though, my interest levels will certainly peak.

Just the simple idea of being able to play installed games on my PC through a client of some kind, save and stop, head over to a friend’s place and start up the Stadia app on their smart TV, and continue from where I left off would be pretty dang swell.

What it’ll probably be: a streaming service with a decent enough selection of third-party titles that you can either buy or subscribe for (with no option to install them) and a controller that will end up dusty in my closet next to the OnLive controller because terrible ISPs will be the death of it.

Discharged question of the week: What are your hopes and dreams for Stadia?