Indigo Prophecy gets an HD trailer, downed Amazon page


Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered

Hey, IndigoProphecyis looking pretty good. I wish this remaster would’ve picked a name and stuck to it, though. Calling itFahrenheit:IndigoProphecyis just kind of messy and goes against naming your game good.

Only problem is that this remaster is supposed to come out tomorrow and its Amazon pageis down, though you can buy the 2005 version for $10. All the “buy” links on the remaster’s websiteare down except the Mac and Linux versions through GameAgent. And the earlier Amazon link was just giving people Steam keys, but it’s not listed on Steam. Hopefully it’ll be sorted out by tomorrow’s launch.

I liked, but never finished Indigo Prophecyafter the game froze on me and I lost progress and interest with a stunning simultaneity. I think it’s worth checking out just for the intro, though.

Oh, and holy shit, I just remembered the most hilariously unrealistic scene in a videogame: When you pluck milquetoast at your electric guitar to convince your ex-girlfriend to have sex with you.