Injustice animated movie in the works at Warner Bros.


What if Superman… was EVIL?

It has been revealed that Warner Bros. Animation is currently in the midst of producing an animated adaptation of the DC Comics/NetherRealm Studios fighting franchise, Injustice.

The project was unceremoniously revealed in a press release listing the special features for WB’s next animated feature Batman: The Long Halloween – Part II. One of the aforementioned bonus items is titled “A sneak peek at the next DC animated movie: Injustice,” which somewhat gives the game away ahead of any official announcement.

Injustice: Gods Among Us, which launched for multiple formats back in 2013, saw DC’s finest heroes and villains square off in a fighting fashion akin to that of NRS’ own Mortal Kombat. Boasting over-the-top super moves, a unique control system, and some of the ugliest faces ever to grace gaming, Injustice told the story of two distinct DC universes that collide in a battle that could annihilate them both. Injustice was followed by superior sequel Injustice 2 in 2017 and also spawned a comic book adaptation.

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm have never been shy in cross-promotion, and often work together to time content — particularly DLC guest characters — to synchronize with incoming movies. With that in mind, some have taken the reveal of an Injustice flick as a clear signpost that a new Injustice game is in the works. While that seems a relatively snug assumption, a lot is currently up in the air at Warner Bros. Interactive, following the recent AT&T/Discovery merger. For now, all bets are off regarding Warner Bros. Interactive and its subsidiary studios.

Batman: The Long Halloween – Part II will premiere on streaming platforms July 27.