Inked gets a patch to fix control issues



Not even a full day after my review went live, Inked has a new patch to fix a few of the big issues I pointed out. One of the weirder things about Inked was that moving in cardinal directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) required the use of two button presses, which was just awkward. That is now a thing of the past, as you can hold W to move straight. Along with that, hot swapping between your various tools won’t require you to enter the radial menu as you can now utilize the 1-6 keys. This should help alleviate some of the issues that crop up in timed puzzles.

As if just to spite my timing on posting the review, there have also been fixes to the placement of objects in the environment. You should now have a far easier time laying your various blocks around and solving puzzles. There is also one specific instance in the Swamp level where a crocodile moved way too damn fast that has been altered, making the challenge a bit fairer.

I just find it funny how awkward the timing of this release was. If I had literally waited an extra day to post the review of Inked, I could have taken note of these changes. I’m not sure better controls will help elevate Inked to greatness, but it definitely would have cut down on the frustration I had with the title. Anyway, expect the video review tomorrow where I bitch about the previous version of the game, then cut to me staring into the abyss and questioning my own existence. As for right now, get ready to enjoy a better version of Inked, which is the real winner here.

Inked – first patch is out now! ✒ [Steam Community]