Insomniac's newest game will get revealed next week


‘Reclaim your world’

Insomniac is the type of studio that’s always juggling multiple projects at once. Even with PS4-exclusive Spider-Manlaunching in just a few months, it’s not all hands on deck to help polish Peter Parker’s story. There’s something else brewing.

Oculus just uploaded a new video to YouTube that simultaneously spotlights Insomniac’s recent efforts while teasing an upcoming game. The pertinent information is the phrase “Reclaim your world” and a June 7 date. Presumably, that’s a tagline and the day when there will be a proper reveal — exactly one week from today.

However, this teaser is nearly three minutes long when most teasers are 15 seconds long. That extra time is spent giving an overview of thematic and mechanical accomplishments of games like Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank, Edge of Nowhere, and The Unspoken. The gist is that this new game probably aims to combine interesting environments and fun locomotion, all in a virtual reality space. We should know a lot more in seven days.