IO has a new batch of content for Hitman this month


Content never sleeps

I am so down for a second season of Hitman should that come to fruition following Square Enix’s decision to “withdraw from the business of [series developer] IO Interactive.” In the more immediate and definitely-gonna-happen future, we are getting some more Hitman content.

Starting tomorrow, there will be a pair of Escalation Contracts, one located in Sapienza (specifically the bonus mission “Landslide”) and the other in Bangkok. The latter has “complications involving shotguns, laser tripwires, exterminators, enforcers, and kill streaks.” Complications and the ability to weasel out of them in increasingly ridiculous ways are what make these games such a joy to play and replay.

10 Featured Contracts culled from the community, the penultimate Elusive Target (#25, set in Hokkaido), and an unspecified “mandatory” game update also await Hitman this month.

HITMAN – June Content Schedule [IO Interactive]