Ion implements an old idea I had for a chemistry card game


This is what I get for procrastinating

I have to applaud Genius Games. I’ve had the idea for a card game based on ionic bonding kicking around in my head for years now, always with the thought that I could develop it and set up on Kickstarter for publishing. True to my nature, I have put it off over and over, even through bouts of unemployment when I had nothing but time on my hands. Conversely, Genius independently came up with the same concept but actually put the work in to realize it. Bravo.

If anything, it at least makes me feel good that the idea is solid, as the Kickstarter for Ion has nearly quadrupled its base funding goal about a week into the campaign. There are some minor differences between my idea and Ion; mine had a Ticket to Ride-style card draft where Ion has a 7 Wonders-style draft. The base idea is the same though: form ionic compounds using the principles of chemistry to provide both fun and education to students and/or gamers.

Sigh. Maybe instead I will work on my other idea: a JRPG that teaches basic music theory through the battle system. Wait, did I just write that in a public forum? Nobody steal it! I am sure I will do it some time in the next 20 years.