Iron Banner returns to Destiny next week with new gear


The warlock helmet is ugly as sin

The week long crucible event Iron Banner will return to Destinywith next week’s reset. The new event will start on April 28 and will last a week. Just like in the past, Iron Banner will start fresh every time, meaning any rank you’ve gained in past events won’t carry over to this one.

As usual, Iron Banner will give players a Crucible-centric way to grind for exclusive gear. No word yet on the weapons, but Bungie has released images of the Iron Banner helmets available for each class. The helmet is the last updated Iron Banner armor piece to be released. With a full set, players will presumably be able to hit level 32 without so much as setting foot in a raid.

The event comes less than a month before the new expansionHouse of Wolvesrolls out,raises the level cap to 34,and starts the gear grind all over again. This last event, combined with theremoval of Commendations, makes it feel like Bungie is trying to do a little spring cleaning before the new expansion moves in.